Non Stop Kids Entertainment are home to the Hassle Free Party Package. This is a very popular package in which we do EVERYTHING for you - all you have to do is feed the kids and hand them their coats on the way out!

The Hassle Free Party Package starts with a disco. This is great because you have a party atmosphere as soon as the children walk through the door. We bring a large variety of tracks, everything from the latest chart hits to classic children's party music.

After all the children have arrived we will go into a comedy magic show. This is a fully interactive show where are the children are involved all the way through. A lot of parents have described the show as a mini pantomime. We will always make sure that the birthday child gets to help with a special trick. Our shows are amongst the best in the UK which is why The Hassle Free Party Package won an award at the UK National Children's Entertainer of the Year Championships.

After the show is a great time to have party food. While you are feeding the children, we will keep the disco going so that if any children finish eating early they can have a dance about. In this time we will also get everyone to sing happy birthday to the birthday child. Just let us know when you have their cake ready!

After this, all the way through to the end, we will play party games. All of these are high energy games that are played to music. We supply all the prizes for the games and there are no elimination games. In other words all the kids are involved with the games all of the way through. We promise that with our 2 hour Hassle Free Party Package, your child will have a party that they will never forget.

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